Acid-base indicators

Acid-base indicators

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Selection of indicators for titrations

The selection of suitable indicators for titrations depends on the shape of the titration curve, in particular the location of the pH-Jumps at the equivalence point. In order to reliably indicate the end point of the titration, the range of the indicator must be achieved with a drop of measuring solution pH-Jumping beds.

The titration curves show that when titrating strong acids with strong bases, one is relatively free to choose a suitable indicator. When titrating weak acids with strong bases, the transition range must be in the weakly alkaline range; when titrating weak bases with strong acids, it must be in the weakly acidic range. When titrating weak acids with weak bases and when titrating with very dilute solutions, a reliable display of the equivalence point is not possible; instead of a change in color, one observes a continuous change in color when measuring solution is added in the area of ​​the equivalence point. For such cases, the potentiometric method can be used to display the end point.

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