Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday

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English physicist and chemist (22/9 / 1791-25 / 8/1867). Finder of electromagnetic induction. Born in Newington, the son of a blacksmith, he starts working at 14 as a bookbinder apprentice. He dedicates himself early to the reading of scientific works.

Get in touch with the discoveries of science through the conferences of renowned chemist Sir Humphry Davy, who holds the most advanced knowledge available at the time. He becomes his assistant at the age of 21 and accompanies him on trips around Europe, visiting major cultural centers.

Back in England, he uses the Royal Institution's laboratory to do his experiments. Despite the little theoretical notion, reveals great talent for experimentation, managing to develop advances in the fields of chemistry and physics.

Among his contributions in both areas are experiences such as the liquefaction of almost all known gases, the isolation of benzene, the creation of the first electromagnetic motor, the elaboration of the electrolysis theory and the mastery of the notion of electrostatic energy. In 1824 is elected to the Royal Society in London.