Polyolefin rubbers

Polyolefin rubbers

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Polyisobutene and butyl rubber

Polyisobutene and butyl rubber (a copolymer of isobutene and 0.5 to 3 mol% isoprene) are produced by the belt process by cationic polymerisation of the monomers.

Belt process for the production of polyisobutene

The production of polyisobutene by the belt process takes place continuously in boiling ethene with BF3as initiator. A 1: 1 volume mixture of isobutene in ethene is made by adding an initiator solution of BF3polymerized in ethene. The enthalpy of reaction released is removed by the evaporation of the ethene, which is compressed and reused. The polymer is transferred to the extruder by means of a reactive belt reactor.

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