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Area of ​​Expertise - Toxicology, pharmacy

Fungicides (from Latin fungus "fungus" and cedars "kill") are generally compounds with a fungicidal effect that are used to control fungal infections.

Fungicides are used both in medicine against fungal diseases and in agriculture for combating fungal attack on crops. The medicinally used active ingredients are often used as antimycotics (fromGreek anti "against" and mykes "fungus"), while the term fungicide is restricted to non-medical areas of application (e.g. agriculture, food technology).

Chemically, fungicides can be divided into inorganic (e.g. colloidal sulfur, calcium polysulphides), metal-organic (e.g. zinc dithiocarbamates) and organic-chemical compounds according to their composition, with most active ingredients belonging to the last group.

Learning units in which the term is dealt with

Introduction to the chemistry of haloalkanes (alkyl halides)40 min.

ChemistryOrganic chemistryHaloalkanes

Introduction to the chemistry of haloalkanes (alkyl halides): typical reactions, nomenclature, physical properties, syntheses as well as haloalkanes in nature, industry and agriculture are the subject areas of this learning unit.

Chemical crop protection60 min.


This learning unit introduces the most important plant pests and the chemical agents for combating them.


A fungicide is a chemical or biological agent that kills fungi or their spores or prevents their growth while it is effective.

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