Chemicals Act

Chemicals Act

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Regulatory area of ​​the ChemG

In terms of control, the Chemicals Act regulates:

  • which substances or preparations are to be classified as dangerous and how the term biocidal product is defined (Section 1, §§1-3).
  • the registration of new substances by commercial manufacturers or importers and the corresponding exceptions and necessary test certificates (Section 2, §§4-12).
  • the authorization of biocidal products (Section IIa, Sections 12a-j).
  • the obligation to classify, package and label dangerous substances, preparations and products, the labeling obligation and necessary hazard warnings when advertising these products (Section 3, §§13-15).
  • the notification obligations of the manufacturer or importer for substances, preparations and biocide products and corresponding exceptions (Section 4, §16).
  • Prohibitions and restrictions as well as measures to protect employees (Section 5, §§17-19).
  • the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP, Section 6, Sections 19a-d), which deal with the organizational process and the conditions under which laboratory tests are planned, carried out and monitored, as well as with the records and reports of the test.
  • Further regulations on test certificates, committees, monitoring, customs offices and costs, fines or penalties are set out in Section 7 (General Regulations, Sections 20-27). Section 28 defines transitional provisions.

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