Reaction order

Reaction order

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Have you worked on the reaction order learning unit and are you looking for further material? Then we recommend the following learning units:

Reaction order45 min.

ChemistryPhysical chemistrykinetics

In the learning unit, the concept of reaction order is introduced and explained with examples. Reactions with different orders are shown using their rate equations.

Elementary reactions30 min.

ChemistryPhysical chemistrykinetics

In this learning unit the simple handling of the impact theory is described.

Shock frequency and shock density in gases60 min.

ChemistryPhysical chemistrythermodynamics

Shock frequency and shock density in gases are fundamental for the calculation of the mean free path of the gas particles, the speed of bimolecular gas reactions and the material parameters in transport phenomena. The learning unit shows how both quantities can be traced back to the number, mass and size of the gas particles by means of the collision cross-section, collision cylinder and collision axis. A special feature is the detailed derivation of the mean relative speed of the particles, which forms the conclusion of the learning unit and requires significantly higher prior knowledge of the reader than all previous sections of the learning unit.

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