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Chromatography parameters for characterizing two separate analytes

Resolution R.

R.=2tr2tr1w1+w2=1,18tr2tr1w0,51+w0,52tR. - (gross) retention timew - base peak widthw0,5 - Peak width at half height
  • Measure of the system's ability to separate two analytes under the chosen chromatographic conditions.
  • A resolution larger is sufficient 1,5 (at 1,5 only overlap 0.3% of the peak areas).

Selectivity factor (separation factor) α

α=K2K1=k2'k1'K - partition coefficientk' - capacity coefficient
  • Measure of the separability of two analytes.
  • The greater the difference in the distribution coefficients, the easier it is to separate.
  • Since the substance eluted later is always at the top in the quotient, the selectivity factor is always greater than one.
  • Values ​​greater than 1 to 10 are optimal.